Pinsel.com explores the world of brushes. Various areas such as art, cosmetics and DIY are explored. The site also features a glance at the fascinating history of brushes, their care, bristle types, purveyor listings and more.

A most detailed site that covers every aspect of the exciting topic Champagne.

The German term 'Farbe' is synonymous in English with the words 'color' as well as 'paint'. A complex topic! The already expansive site aims to offer a sound informational base for both in the scientific as well as the practical aspect of color and paint. It is our philosophy, to first pave the way with a solid information base associated with the generic terms used in the domain, before the commercial aspect is addressed. The site has long been rated in the top ten in premier search-engines globally.

Tapezieren.com is designed to serve as a guide for DIY wall paper hanging. All applicable areas such as the various types of wall covering, necessary tools, safety issues, paste, wall preparation, symbols, instructions, practical hints and much more is discussed at length in easy to understand language.

Austern.com explores the fascinating world of the oysters in just about every detail imaginable.

Oysters.us is currently under construction. It will ultimately feature all the information already offered on the German site Austern.com in English, however, far more detailed. Oysters.us will grow differently than the other sites listed here. It will grow "organically" in the sense that, as sections are completed by its author (John McCabe), they will be accessible as individual "information modules". Once all the necessary modules are completed, the navigation of the site will be built to tie all the parts together as an intuitively pleasing whole. This approach permits the migration of the content modules into the internet ahead of the completed site. The author can "grow" the site as he feels it wants and needs grow rather than try to envision the entire site layout beforehand. He can pick and choose the areas of information and explore them to the extent of his liking, unencumbered by a "preset structure". Once all the modules are complete, they will be fitted naturally, page by page, to both retain their individuality as modules, as well as to complement the whole. For example: A module discussing the oysters of France will tie into several other areas of the site without sacrificing its individuality. An oyster lover just interested in France can stay in "everything about France" if he or she so chooses, while an oyster lover interested in oyster history in general will also be able to view some of the pages pertaining to France's oyster history - without leaving the history module and moving into France. Estimated time of completion: Fall 2006.

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